The sound of your inner demons… dark, heavy, disturbing…

This is bitterfeldt’s vision.

Created in 2012 by EVEREVE-frontman Micha (vocals, keys, music & lyrics) and his long-term friend Sascha (Ex-GAU, guitars, didgeridoo), bitterfeldt’s first album Götzen.Dämmerung has now finally seen the dark of day.

Supported by Matze (Ex-CREMATORY, guitars), Oliver (EVEREVE, bass) and Christian Bass (HEAVEN SHALL BURN, drums) as well as by sound artists such as Sascha Dürk (multiple winner of the Future Music Award) and André Höche, 53 minutes of music have come into being. Produced by Gerhard Magin (THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, TOTENMOND, AGATHODAIMON, MYSTIC CIRCLE, among others). The soundtrack of the apocalypse. Epic, intensive, abyssal…


Claustrophobic sound cascades are a vital part of Götzen.Dämmerung‘s musical and textual concept, refined by Nietzsche quotations, recited by Giorgios Tzitzikos (e.g., ARTE). Food for heart, soul and mind – and for the eyes: Photographer and video artist Markus Richter (Eastman Kodak USA, ProSiebenSAT1) and graphical designer Aleksandar Zivanov take care of the proper visual realisation.

Eternal night, an apocalyptic atmosphere in word, vision and sound: bitterfeldt.

Break free of your false gods! Take your life into your own hands!
Nihil verum est! Dolor vincit omnia!!

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