Northern Lights

Far across the sea
We are drifting away
The point of no return
We are lost
White as snow
Red as blood
Black as ebony
You are lying there

For years I have been afraid
Of this one night
In which the shadows dance
And the devil will laugh again
I know it will come soon
I know it will happen
Then, a thousand suns
Will perish together

Northern Lights
White as snow
Red as blood
Northern Lights
Black as ebony
Northern Lights
The boat in the net
Brilliantly bright
Northern Lights
You will soon be there
You are almost there

The sea lies there silently
The wind is gentle and warm
It covers us
I hold you in my arms, real tight
But at the end of your journey
You will be alone
The day is silently leaving us
The world is drowning in a crimson glow

When will there be night?
Now there will be night

Time has come to a standstill
You are hardly breathing
Sinking into your last dream
We are clinging to the moment
So many hours we have wasted
Stay with me when everything breaks to pieces
Forever, I will not let you down
I will stay with you on every day, every year
Now you are there