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Dear friends of the Dark Arts,
bitterfeldt made it to the final round of the Dark Music Awards 2017, established by the well-known online-magazine Thank you so much for your support! Please keep on voting in the final round:
It is now about the final result – so please keep it going and spread the news on all channels..
Thank you, friends!
Dark World Domination is soon to come…

bitterfeldt among the nominees for the Dark Music Awards 2017!

We are proud and happy to announce that bitterfeldt has been nominated for the Dark Music Awards 2017. This prize is awarded by the well-known web magazine, the winners are selected by the readers.
We would be delighted if you give bitterfeldt your vote. And it would be even better if you spread the news among your friends, families, acquaintances, relatives, neighbours, slaves and pets and ask them to vote for us as well… 😉
Thank you so much in advance, we really appreciate it!
Stay tuned for more bitterfeldt news soon to come…
May darkness rule!


Dear disciples of the apocalypse,

each month, the fine folks of BLACK MANTIS – the well-known label for compilations, choose a Label Of The Month. They set up a playlist on Spotify & Deezer featuring selected songs from artists that are signed to the label – and this time our beloved label, MASSACRE RECORDS, has been chosen.
It is an honour and pleasure for us to announce that one of BITTERFELDT´s songs has been selected by BLACK MANTIS to be part of this very special list, too. You will find the whole list below.

Feel free to spread the word  – and if you like share the links.
Thanks a lot.:)

Their Facebook posting:

The link:

And here’s the tracklisting for those who’re interested:

  1. Eisregen – Tiefrot
  2. Sinister – Neurophobic
  3. Mystic Prophecy – War Brigade
  4. Ewigheim – Einmal Noch
  5. Jaded Heart – Godforsaken
  6. Macbeth – WN62
  7. Debauchery – Ironclad Declaration Of War
  8. Akoma – Revangels
  9. Bitterfeldt – Nordlicht
  10. Totenmond – Fort Von Gott
  11. Crystal Ball – Never A Guarantee
  12. Warpath – Reborn
  13. Illdisposed – Your Darkest Son
  14. Theatre Of Tragedy – Der Tanz Der Schatten
  15. Arven – Believe
  16. Metal Inquisitor – Confession Saves Blood
  17. Solitude Aeternus – Waiting For The Light
  18. Elysion – Made Of Lies
  19. Exciter – Death Machine
  20. Rebellion – The Clans Are Marching


Dear bitterfeldt-community,

Our label has a new distributor for digital offerings. Therefore, the download links of our album have changed. You can get Götzen.Dämmerung here:

Streaming / Digital

• Spotify –
• Deezer –
• Apple Music –
• Tidal –
• Napster (US) –
• Napster (DE) –
• iTunes –
• Amazon (MP3) – (DE) • (UK) • (US)
• Google Play Music –

You are more than welcome to distribute these links to other potential victims of the dark seed as there may indeed be people on this rotten planet who have not yet heard of bitterfeldt… 🙂

And you also still And you also still have the unique ooprtunity to show the world that you are a true disciple of dark music. You can get your own beautiful bitterfeldt T-shirt in our shop for the special price of 9.99 Euros. As you know numbers are limited, first come, first serve…

Thank you for supporting us!


Dear brothers and sisters,

we are proud to announce that our album has made the Top 20 of the year 2017 by the well-known Online Magazine Terra Relicta. In fact it was ranked 8th.port

And now you have also the unique opportunity to show the world that you are a disciple of dark music. You can get your own beautiful bitterfeldt T-Shirt in our shop for the special price of 9,99 Euros. Numbers are limited, first come, first serve…

Thank you so much for your support.


Dear bitterfeldt community,

On March 24, 2017, our evil little baby has come to see the dark of day…
Our first album Götzen.Dämmerung is available everywhere now!

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the dark grey and gloomy music. Please help to spread the word and sow the dark bitterfeldt seed.

If you recommend the album and the video to as many people as possible, you will be a big help on our way towards the abyss. Your support is important and means a lot to us!
SUPPORT DARK MUSIC! And we will be eternally grateful!

The special digipak edition, which is strictly limited to 1000 copies only, can be purchased in our shop at a fantastic price. First come, first serve!

You can also order the album (in both versions, CD and digipak) via the following channels:

Streaming / Digital

• Spotify –
• Deezer –
• Apple Music –
• Tidal –
• Napster (US) –
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• iTunes –
• Amazon (MP3) – (DE) • (UK) • (US)
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CD / Digi CD

• bitterfeldt Online Shop –
• Amazon (CD) – (DE) • (UK) • (US, Import)
• Amazon (Digi CD) – (DE) • (UK) • (US, Import)
• Value Merch –
• EMP – Germany/Deutschland: • International:
• Nuclear Blast Online Shop –
• Napalm Records Store –
• Rubydon –
• –
• –
• –

Götzen.Dämmerung is falling

Dear friends of the darkness,

Only one week left: Götzen.Dämmerung will be available on all common channels starting Friday, March 24!

The album will be released as a normal cd, but also as a brilliantly dark digipak. This digipak is limited to 1000 copies only and contains a special artwork by Master Artist Aleksandar Zivanov as well as two exclusive bonus tracks, Nocturnus I & Nocturnus II, produced by André Höche.

To celebrate the occasion, we are glad to make you a special offer: you can get the digipak for a very special price at our partner shop Value Merch.

You can also order the album (in both versions) via the following channels:


CD / Digi CD

Thank you very much for your support!

Bitterfeldt LIVE ON STAGE!

Dear lovers of the dark arts,

bitterfeldt is something special – and so are their live gigs: they only take place on special occasions at special locations.
We are therefore proud to present bitterfeldt live on stage at the

Apocalypse Now Festival in Losheim am See / Britten, Saarland, Germany on May 13, 2017

bitterfeldt will headline this small, but precious little festival gem (support: Terrible Headache, Torment of Souls, Orvois).
This will be the first time ever that we present our new album Götzen.Dämmerung live and we hope to see you there for this memorable occasion.

Get your tickets here.

Pre-Order Götzen.Dämmerung now

Dear brothers and sisters,

It is an honour and a pleasure to announce that our website is finally available to our international audience. Now you can find all relevant information in English as well.
Check it out here.

We would also like to seize this opportunity to point out that we have also launched our Russian Facebook/VK-Site. Here´s the link:
And finally, on March 24th, Götzen.Dämmerung will see the dark of day!

You can already pre-order the album:


CD / Digi CD

Thank you very much for your support!