Dear disciples of the apocalypse,

each month, the fine folks of BLACK MANTIS – the well-known label for compilations, choose a Label Of The Month. They set up a playlist on Spotify & Deezer featuring selected songs from artists that are signed to the label – and this time our beloved label, MASSACRE RECORDS, has been chosen.
It is an honour and pleasure for us to announce that one of BITTERFELDT´s songs has been selected by BLACK MANTIS to be part of this very special list, too. You will find the whole list below.

Feel free to spread the word  – and if you like share the links.
Thanks a lot.:)

Their Facebook posting: https://www.facebook.com/BlackMantisRecords/posts/454813608185947

The link: https://blackmantis.lnk.to/LabelOfTheMonth

And here’s the tracklisting for those who’re interested:

  1. Eisregen – Tiefrot
  2. Sinister – Neurophobic
  3. Mystic Prophecy – War Brigade
  4. Ewigheim – Einmal Noch
  5. Jaded Heart – Godforsaken
  6. Macbeth – WN62
  7. Debauchery – Ironclad Declaration Of War
  8. Akoma – Revangels
  9. Bitterfeldt – Nordlicht
  10. Totenmond – Fort Von Gott
  11. Crystal Ball – Never A Guarantee
  12. Warpath – Reborn
  13. Illdisposed – Your Darkest Son
  14. Theatre Of Tragedy – Der Tanz Der Schatten
  15. Arven – Believe
  16. Metal Inquisitor – Confession Saves Blood
  17. Solitude Aeternus – Waiting For The Light
  18. Elysion – Made Of Lies
  19. Exciter – Death Machine
  20. Rebellion – The Clans Are Marching